Mountaintop Removal

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would share a little about the practice of mountaintop removal. I just finished an Environmental Science class in college. I didn't know much about mountaintop removal before taking this class. Our textbook just briefly described the practice, and that was enough to peak my interest. As a hiker, and as a wannabe Appalachian trail thruhiker (hopefully one day), I don't want to see the Appalachian mountains ruined. I decided to do my final research project on this very subject.

For those who don't know what mountaintop removal is, let me share a brief description of the process. The first step is to remove everything off the top of the mountain, including trees and plants. The debris is dumped over the side of the mountain into the valley. Next the coal company drills holes into the mountain and fills the holes with explosives. This process is done to remove the rock and the earth in order to reach the coal. The last step is for coal companies to get rid of the waste disposal left after the coal is extracted. This waste is often dumped into abandoned underground mines or areas close to the mountaintop removal site. This process might sound simple enough, but it is causing huge problems. Ecosystems are being destroyed, dust and particles are polluting the air, and headwater streams are being polluted. Also, drinking water is becoming poisoned, wells are drying up, fish are being killed, and foundations are cracking (because of the explosives).

Unfortunately, as the demand for electricity increases, the demand for coal also increases. Because the demand of coal is increasing, the practice of mountaintop removal is increasing.

I do believe that I have a responsibility to care for the earth in which God created for me to live on as my temporary home. I personally have a responsibility to not only voice my concern to what this practice is doing to the earth, but also to look at how I'm contributing to the problem. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are a wasteful country. We use natural resources as if they will always be available. Unfortunately, at the rate we are using our resources, it might not be true. How do I personally contribute to this problem? I keep lights on even when I'm not using them; I keep the tv on even when I'm not watching it; and I keep chargers plugged in all the time. So, truthfully, I am also to blame for the mountaintop removal problem.

Let's begin to think about how we are treating the temporary home we live in. After all, we have to live here until Jesus comes back.

Here is a video about mountaintop removal:

My New Venture As a Coupon Terminator


I'm changing gears a little with this post. After watching friends receive some great deals from couponing, I've decided to try out this venture. Now, I don't mean just a little couponing, I mean terminator couponing. I mean walking into the store ready to take care of business and slash the grocery bill. A friend of mine has been taking pictures of the deals she's been finding (thanks Liz!) and I'm envious. So, while at my mom's house in South Carolina this past week, I did some research. I've read up on the best ways to coupon, found a great website that sends updates on the best deals (, and watched video after video on how to save the most with coupons. My next step will be printing and cutting coupons. I am ready to do business. Stay tuned to my adventures as a coupon terminator...I'll be back.

Do I Just Want to Be Entertained?

"Mom, I'm bored." My nine, almost ten year old son has felt the need to share this phrase with me quite often lately. As I heard this over...and over...and over again, I began to tell him that he was not put on this earth for me to entertain. This does not make things any better in the least. But, I began to wonder as I heard this phrase repeated throughout the day, how often it is that I have this same attitude. How often do I go somewhere or participate in an activity with the expectation of being entertained? Now, of course it makes sense when I'm going to the movies or a concert. I hope I will be entertained since that's what I'm paying for. But, do I keep this same attitude when I enter God's house? Do I walk in on Sunday morning or Sunday evening expecting to be entertained by someone else's joy and excitement, hoping that maybe that excitement will somehow transfer over to me? Do I walk in expecting to enjoy the show? God does not want us to be spectators. He wants us to be participants in everything He's doing. He wants us to be involved in worship and praise. He wants us to participate in Bible study. He wants us to actively pursue Him in every way. He wants us to find our own joy and excitement in Him, not try and live off the excitement of someone else. He doesn't want us to sit back and enjoy the show. He fully intends for us to be a part of it.


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~ Jeremiah 29:11

I started this blog about four years ago. I really don't remember why I started it; obviously I wanted to reflect on something. I'm also unsure why I never blogged on this page until now. I can only guess that it's because I told myself I didn't have the time. Now, so many years later, while trying to set up a blog page, I find this one, sitting patiently, waiting for orders from me. I can totally sympathize with my blog page, feeling empty and all alone with no dreams or goals for the future. I sympathize because this blog represents how my life has been for a long time. I’ve been walking through life afraid of pursuing my desires and dreams. I had settled for a mediocre life, a life where I was just going through the motions. Each day was just a fight for survival. I was so tired, so wore out, so EMPTY.

I know this is not how my Father intended for my life to be. About six months ago, I began to have a yearning for a passionate life, a yearning so powerful it hurt. I thought I was going crazy and I'm sure others thought I was going crazy too. So, I began looking at what my life consisted of. I began to allow myself to remember all of the dreams and passions that were buried deep down. As a result I found a girl who realizes that God WANTS me to pursue my goals and dreams as long as they are in His will. He wants me to go back to school and get my degree because that's a desire of my heart. He wants me to pray without ceasing for my husband, because that's a desire of my heart. He wants me to write without worrying what other people think, because that's a desire of my heart. He WANTS me to live a life confidently knowing that I am a child of the King.

So, this is the reason for my blogging. Blogging is the first step in pursuing my dreams of writing. My blogs won’t be perfect (feel free to correct my grammar and spelling). Sharing my writing on the internet makes me feel very vulnerable. But, I have to do this. I have to swallow my fear and just allow God to work through my timidness and uncertainty.

I have to follow my dreams.