Music/Movie Monday: My Top Ten Must See Christmas Movie List (Part 2)

During Thanksgiving break I was able to watch quite a few Christmas movies, including many on my favorites list! In part one I listed the first five of my top ten Christmas movies. Here are the next five:


I LO V E this movie! I remember going to see Elf when it first came out. I'm not really a Will Ferrell fan, so I had low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, who couldn't love someone that eats their spaghetti with syrup and decorates the house with snow flakes?

The Nativity Story

My favorite part of this movie is the portrayal of the Jewish marriage traditions. What a great picture of Jesus and the Church!

The Santa Clause

I've seen all of these movies, but the first one is my favorite. Little Charlie is just adorable.

Miracle on 34th Street

Another one of those cutsie romantic movies...I have seen the movie done in 1947, but my favorite is the movie done in 1994 staring Dylan McDermott and Elizabeth Perkins. 

I've saved my most favorite movie for last. This movie is a classic and makes me laugh every time I watch it. 

A Christmas Story

Now, I know there are many who don't see this movie as a classic. And, that's ok. Here's the list on why I love this movie:

Leg Lamp
Fra geee leee
A tongue and a pole
Deck the halls with bows of horry...fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra
You'll shoot your eye out!
Be sure to drink or Oveltine

Well, this wraps up my top ten Christmas movies. What are some of your favorite?

Are You Ready for Christmas? Are You Ready for Jesus?

The pastor at my mom's church in South Carolina shared a great message this morning. Basically, he asked two questions.

First, are you ready for Christmas?

I'm always ready for the Christmas season; the music, the Christmas trees, the lights, the movies, even the corny Christmas shirts.

The next question he asked is: Are you ready for Jesus?

Today begins Advent, What is Advent you ask? Advent is a season Christians celebrate in preparation for Christmas. It starts the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. Advent focuses on preparing us for the coming Christ by remembering the meaning of Christ's birth.

There are different ways to celebrate Advent. This year, our church gave out a family Advent devotional. Also, there are websites that share devotions for families. Here is a website that shares how to make an Advent calendar and lists 25 things to do leading up to Christmas.

This year, my son and I are making a Jesse Tree for Advent. The Jesse tree represents the family tree of Jesus. The tree helps in sharing the story of God's plan for salvation from the very beginning with creation. Isaiah 1:1 says, "A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit."

Here is the website I'm using to get ideas for the Jesse Tree.

As Brenn and I make our Jesse Tree, I will post pictures, information, and devotions.

My challenge to you is to take time not just to celebrate Christmas this year, 


It's a Contest!


My sweet friend and author, Teresa is giving away a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul Tales of Christmas. All you have to do is go to her blog, subscribe to her blog page, and comment about why you are thankful. The deadline to enter is November 30. This would make a great Christmas present!

How Much Do You Know About Thanksgiving (And Our Feathered Friend)?


 We celebrate the holiday every year. But, how much do we really know about Thanksgiving? Find out by taking this 10 question quiz:

Music/Movie Monday: My Top Ten Must See Christmas Movie List (Part 1)

I've decided that Mondays have become music/movie day in my single mom blog world. I will use Mondays to share my opinion on different songs, artists, movies, etc.

Since it is just mere days before the Christmas season begins, I thought I would share the list of my top ten must see Christmas movies. Here are my first five must see movies:

Christmas Child

This movie just made my list a couple years ago. Christmas Child stars Steven Curtis Chapman (one of my favorite singers) and is based on a book by Max Lucado. 


The Holiday

I would never admit this to everyone, but I am a hopeless romantic. Who would not want to stay in a quaint cottage in England and have a good looking guy like Jude Law burst in?

Home Alone


National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Can I find similarities between the Griswold family and my own family...maaaaybe ;)


Reindeer can fly. This movie proves it. I believe it.

What are some of your must see Christmas movies?

A Taste of Fall Part 2

I know ya'll have been on pins and needles waiting for part 2 of our fall trip :) So, here goes:

Like I said in part 1, our letterboxing adventure was a bust, but the weather and scenery were awesome. We took our time exploring. We would drive for a little while and when we came across a trail we wanted to explore or a certain area where we wanted to take pictures, we would just stop. We spent some time at a picnic area where the boys had fun skipping rocks. 
You know it's all fun and games until someone gets competitive. The rocks kept getting bigger and bigger until they were practically trying to skip boulders...
One of my most favorite parts of the trip was discovering Donley Cabin. We looked for the cabin hoping to find a letterbox, which of course was not there. The hike in just to see the cabin was well worth the trip. Getting to the cabin is an adventure in itself. The drive is mostly on a gravel road. It seemed like we drove for an hour on that road before we reached the pull off. Once we reached the pull off we had to hike about 1/4 of a mile to the cabin.

Donley Cabin is a historic 19th century 2-room log cabin that was home to Jack Donley (1846-1941). From what I can find, a man had built the cabin (1-room at the time) during the 1860s so that he could hide from being asked to be a soldier in the Civil War. Jack Donley purchased the cabin and some of the land after the war. The cabin is available for rent, so if you want the primitive experience this is it. There's no electricity and you have to carry everything in. The best part: when you have to do your business there's an outhouse available for you convenience.

This year's trip to the Cherokee National Forest was great. I'm excited to see where our next trip to the CNF will take us!