Music/Movie Monday: Jon Bon Jovi

Once again, another post about a good lookin' celebrity man...

I (as many of you I'm sure) saw a post similar to this earlier today:

International Rockstar Legend Jon Bon Jovi dead at 49

My first reaction is utter shock

And sadness

Because this good lookin' hunk of a man is just too young to leave this earth

Because he still has good music to make

Will You Marry Me?


Writing Prompt: If you HAD to marry a celebrity…
who would you choose and why?

Check out weekly writing prompts at Mama's Losin' It!

I had to think long and hard about this decision. I mean, I've already expressed my want to marry Michael Buble. Why stop at one though? I shouldn't have all my eggs in one basket. I would hate for all my hopes to be on Michael and then he ups and deceives me by finding another honey.

So, if I HAD to marry a celebrity who would I marry?

Music/Movie Monday: My New Crush

Hearing this man's voice makes my toes curl

I want to marry him


Thankful For What?

Dinner has been devoured

The pies have been attacked

And now we are all vegging out watching Lady Gaga

(don't judge)

It's been a good Thanksgiving :)

I've been debating on a good Thanksgiving post all day. I wanted to do something different than just listing all the things I'm thankful, friends, etc. etc.

So I've decided to post the "unthankful" things I'm thankful for in my life.

You Spin Me Right 'Round, Baby


Writing Prompt: Write a love letter to an inanimate object
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September in a Nutshell

I've been busy. A good busy really. I'm tired. I don't sleep enough. But, I'm happy. Life is good.

Alright, I'm done with the kindergarten three word sentences.

So, here's what I was up to in September:

On Labor Day weekend, I did the hardest hike I have ever done. I mean like 'lose your lunch because you're so exhausted' kind of hikes. There was a lot of crawling going on (I might or might not have been doing the crawling). But, since I was the only girl in this five person group, I was determined to finish the hike. And I did!

My First Blog Award!

I received this award from my good friend Michele more than a month ago. She is one of my bestest friends and a great writer. I'm thinking one day she will be able to quit her job and write for a living ;)

Now, let me proudly show my first blog award:

Yes, I'm pretty darn proud of that

I Have Finally Caught My Break

Just when I think that things are not going exactly the way I had planned, I get a surprise email:

Hello, After our searching for a family of a CLIENT who died in a boat crash five year ago, I found out that he has same last name with you. In view of this, I ask for your permission to help claim the sum of US$13.8M being funds left behind in a deposit account. If you are interested in this proposal, forward to me your name, address, phone, cell\fax and your nationality for confirmation and more details. Thanks Vin West

No time for idle chit chat...I must email this person my information ASAP!

Vin West, you are my hero.

Music/Movie Monday: Five Random Songs on My MP3 Player

I love my cheapo MP3 player. I've had this thing for at least four years and it has been my companion on many trips and hours of exercising (to which I am slowly seeing the results).

I have a wide range of music genres represented in my playlist. Here are five random songs that keep me company as I pound the pavement every morning:

Writing Challenge Update


Well, I'm pretty much halfway through the August writing challenge. Even though I haven't posted on here, my personal journal has been getting a workout since August 1. There are just some of my thoughts and feelings that the world is not ready for - so I keep them to myself. I've been going through a life shift lately. Even though this life shift is necessary, I have been fighting tooth and nail...and my journal has been getting the brunt of my frustrations. So, this afternoon I went back and counted all of the words in my entries so that I could count them towards my writing challenge total. 

Drum roll please...

Writing Challenge


I received a challenge this past week. Like a fool, I decided to take the challenge. For the month of August, I've been challenged to write at least 20,000 words, and lucky for you I will be meeting that challenge by writing blog posts. I promise not to blabber on and on (like I do in many homework assignments) to meet those 20,000 words...because I know all my blog posts are full of insightful information (like my basketball experiment) and I don't want to give you useless information just to meet the challenge.

If you by chance would like to join me in being a fool, sign up for the challenge here

Blackberry Cobbler

Single ladies - I suggest you think about making this dish if you're wanting to attract a man. Apparently it's fool proof, because I was even able to make it. I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn't so we'll just have to settle with the 'pretty lookin' picture that comes with the recipe. 


Casey Anthony Trial


 Alright, I'm jumping on the Casey Anthony trial bandwagon for just a moment. 

I have not followed the whole trial. I've watched bits and pieces, but mostly received updates by watching the news. It is absolutely horrible what happened to little Caylee. She lived a short life on this earth and I'm sure was a precious light to everyone she came in contact. 

People of Walmart

I greatly detest going to Walmart. I only grace those automatic doors and greet the greeter about once a month.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine showed me this hilarious Walmart video.

Today, when I graced those automatic doors and greeted the greeter, all I could think of was this video.

I dare you not to think of this video next time you hit the big "W."

Thank You, Twitter

I received this error code on Twitter today:

403 Forbidden: The request is understood, 
but it has been refused

Story of my life, really.

Project 52 Update


Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have a commitment problem.

And, I'm not even talking about in the relationship department...that's a whole 'nother issue of its own.

I have big problems staying committed to anything...ANYTHING

I'm At That Age

Today was the day

I realized

I'm really in my 30s

Long Time No Write...And A Note About Life

Life has been busy lately and unfortunately blogging has had to take a back seat for a little while. I've missed it tremendously. For me, writing is like talking to a friend. I've missed talking to my friend!

It's 2:30 a.m. and I'm sitting in a hotel room in Memphis, TN listening to my sweet boy snore his heart out. We try to visit a big city every year during spring break. Memphis was the pick this year since Brenn wanted to see a Memphis Grizzlies game. We've had a great time.

Project 52 Weekly Update

Read my Project 52 List Here

At this very moment, if someone simply poked me in the arm, I would fall over. I started my diet Saturday. I felt great the first two days because I just ate like normal. Yesterday was my first day cutting sugar, carbs, and caffeine out cold turkey. A friend of mine has lost 27 lbs. on this diet. It's pretty extreme, which is the reason you're not supposed to stay on it for more than 40 days. I felt ok yesterday other than a headache from caffeine withdrawal. I even felt ok today until this afternoon. Since about 4:00 this afternoon, I have craved everything from french fries, quarter pounders, jelly beans, mountain dew, donuts...I have talked myself out of doing this diet about 400 times. I am exhausted just from the internal struggle. 

I'm trying to journal while I'm on this diet. I journal my struggles, my joys, my weight, how much water I drank, and what I've eaten for the day. One day I might even be brave enough to share the journal, but right now I'm keeping it personal. I have a horrible relationship with food. Really, this just symbolizes my dysfunction with many relationships. 

I'm definitely accomplishing the "eat at least one salad a day" goal.

I can't believe a month has already passed. I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit, but I still have a long way to go to meet my goals. Tonight, as I was looking over my goals, the goal of doing at least one act of kindness a day caught my attention. Unfortunately, I haven't been very good at this goal. I hope I'm kind to at least one person every day, but I'm more than positive there are days when kindness misses out as one of my vocabulary words.

However, this past Sunday, I was able to perform an act of kindness. This act ended up blessing me just as much (maybe even more) than the girls receiving the act. Recently, I came in contact with a local organization that takes in women with addiction problems. Last week, one of the girls from this organization called to see if someone could pick a couple of girls up for church on Sunday. I felt that this was something I was supposed to do, so I picked two girls up on Sunday morning. The drive from the organization to the church is around 30 minutes, so we had a good chance to talk. Their testimonies spoke to me so much more than anything I said to them that morning. So many times I take for granted the blessings God has given to me. These two girls were a reminder that He is working in our lives each and every day, especially when our own strength is not enough. He won't always keep us from the trials, but He promises to always be with us as we go through those trials. I think that reminder was worth not getting much accomplished this past week :)

Week Four Random Thoughts From a Bachelor Junkie


I finally had time to watch this week's Bachelor episode!

Here are my random thoughts:

At the very beginning, the talk of the house is Michelle's black eye. No one knows how she received this black eye. She just woke up with it. Some reports say she did it to herself. If I was Michelle, I would kick my own butt on a regular basis.

The first one on one date is with Chantal. She and Brad get to walk the ocean floor (because anything else would not be good enough for a date on the Bachelor). Brad definitely likes Chantal. He says that he loves the playfulness between them, the way she calls him out, and the way she makes him laugh. And, good grief, she gives him enough tongue when they're smooching.

Next, is the group date. The group date ends up on Love Line with Doctor Drew. I just have to say, I have a humongous crush on Dr. Drew. I love watching him on Celebrity Rehab. He's so calm and so a nerdy kind of way. This was a pretty cool date. The girls opened up more. Poor Brad with his shiny forehead. I really wanted to yell, "cut!" and blot some powder on his forehead.

Ashley H. begins her temper tantrum while talking on Love Line...and it lasts all night long. Ashley begins by telling Brad she's retracting because she's afraid of getting hurt. Like I said, this is only the beginning of her temper tantrum. It continues all night and ends with her not getting the rose which I believe was originally intended for her.

I did not even recognize Britt when she was talking to Brad on Love Line! I don't know if I've seen her with her hair down, but she looked like a totally different person. I really like Britt. She just seems like a sweet person.

After the Love Line visit with Hunky Dr. Drew, the group heads back to Brad's house. This is where Ashley H. continues her temper tantrum. The girls are like vultures during this date (more so than normal). Brad's enjoying the attention!

Ashley H. is having trouble dealing with her emotions. When she and Brad were talking, I could barely understand her crazy talk. She was also being very rude toward Brad. She just had a bad attitude. At the end of the date, when Brad had the rose in his hand and she had diarrhea of the mouth once again, he said he was going to have to change his plans...which means the rose was probably going to Ashley. He ended up giving it to cutie pie Britt.

I love how Chantal says little comments just to get Michelle going. My most favorite one last night was when Michelle received her date card which said, "Michelle, let's hang out together, Brad." Chantal pipes up and says that all the other date cards have said something about love. As Michelle is over thinking the meaning in all this, Chantal says that it probably doesn't mean anything. She's such a conniving girl...

So, Brad's next one on one date is with Michelle. Sweet Michelle. She almost seemed sweet on their date, but don't be fooled. She's still the same Michelle. Brad and Michelle's date begins with rappelling off the side of a building to the (you guessed it!) rooftop of another building where they would have dinner. I really felt sorry for Michelle this time. Being afraid of heights and having to rappel is pretty serious. Michelle gets a rose at the end of the date. Her gangsta actions crack me up. She's trying to hide them, but they come out every now and then.

Nothing really exciting happened at the cocktail party. What Brad did for Emily was really sweet. Chantal has a rough time handling her emotions and begins crying. Once again, I have to say that I cannot imagine the emotions these women go through while watching a guy they like dating and showing affection towards other women. I can tell by the way Brad acts when he's around Chantal that he likes her a lot. He tells her that she is everything that he's not had in his past (which is good).

Nothing overly dramatic at the rose ceremony either. Chris Harrison comes out to say his famous line. I wonder if he even has to look over his lines each week. What a job!

Meghan, Stacey, and Lindsay end up going home.

Meghan, oh Meghan, what kind of exit were you trying to do? That was probably my most favorite part of the show!

This video is the whole rose ceremony. If you just want to see Meghan's exit, go to 4:39. It cracks me up every time I watch it!

Those are all the random thoughts I have for this week...stay tuned to next week...I'll be on time!

Project 52 Weekly Update


Read my Project 52 List Here

I'm late again. These past couple of weeks have just been whizzing by. School is kicking my tail again too. Working with learning teams is HARD. Working with people is HARD. We also seem to have moved up north without my knowledge because we keep getting snow. When there's snow, school is out. This just screws my schedule up even more.

I'm complaining again, aren't I? I believe this is how last week's Project 52 update began. I'm really not a pessimist. I guess my pessimistic side beat up my optimistic side some time in the last two weeks. 

Here be my update (my pessimistic side seems not to have grammatical knowledge either)

1) My office is halfway organized. For those of you who have seen my office, you know this was a major feat. My boss was overjoyed. Now, if I can just keep it that way... ;)

2) I have a new t.v. and I didn't even have to purchase it! We were planning on buying a flatscreen t.v. (given the fact that's all they sell in the stores now). The intimidation I felt while researching new televisions was enough for me to go back to the horse and buggy days. I'm perfectly happy with any t.v. as long as I can see a picture and hear sound. I don't give a hoot if it has HDTV, 3D, ADHD, AARP...I just want a t.v.

3) We went hiking this past Sunday. I cannot put into words the therapy of just stepping foot on a trail. I love to hike. I have withdraws if I don't go hiking for a long period of time. Hiking also gives me quality time with Brenn...even though he's looking for a snake with every step he takes. He had a bad experience with a copperhead while we were hiking a few years ago. Ever since, he's on the lookout for snakes. I'm kinda worried what he will do when he sees one. He ended up on my back the last time he saw a snake. 

Anyway, the hike was absolutely gorgeous. We hiked the Stone Door Trail and the Laurel Falls Loop in the South Cumberland State Park

4) I finally remembered to stop and buy a Sunday paper! Now, I just have to remember to transport that paper from the front seat of my car into the house so that I can clip the coupons ;)

This week, I'm working on a diet/exercise plan. I know I have the will power in here somewhere...I'm beginning to think I ate it.

Hope ya'll had a great week!

P.S. I'm also running late on posting my Bachelor update. I watched last night, but I was watching while working on a big homework assignment. I need to watch it again and take notes. It's coming soon!

Week Three Random Thoughts From a "Bachelor" Junkie


I did it, I confess, I looked at the spoilers. I looked last night because I really wanted to know who made the final two. I will not tell. It will make no difference in my opinions of the girls. I'm just one of those people who always reads the last page of a book before I actually finish the book. I know it's wrong, but I can't help it. That's an issue for a whole 'nother blog post. 

My random thoughts from last night's episode:

In case you can't count...or you just don't care - there are 17 girls and one guy left

Ashley S. gets the first one on one date card

Brad and Ashley go to a recording studio and attempt to sing "A Kiss From a Rose" by Seal. They did great...just kiddin' was pretty bad. More power to them though because I couldn't sing on a t.v. show in front of millions of people.

Just to keep up the theme of fairytale dating, Brad surprises Ashley with the actual real Seal (not a seal, the Seal) who sings " A Kiss From a Rose" ON KEY.

Have you noticed that most dates end up on a rooftop?

Ashley is quite adorable though. Brad gave her a rose, so he really likes her too.

The group date was pretty cool. I laughed out loud when I heard Michelle's name included in the group date. Serves her right. She's loony.

The group films an action adventure film and did a great job. Lisa's bird chirping noises were hilarious. 

Of course the group date ends on a rooftop. I was surprised to see Chantal O. start crying when she and Brad were talking. I can only imagine the range of emotions all those women go through being on this show. I thought Brad acted kind of put off with her crying, but maybe it was just me. 

The date would not be complete without Michelle acting like a crazy person.

P.S. I did not see fireworks when she and Brad kissed.

Shawntel N. gets the rose from Brad at the end of the group date.

The last one on one date was with sweet Emily. I loved how one of the girls described Emily as an itsy bitsy Barbie doll with the soul of Mother Theresa. Her story is so touching.

During the first part of their date, the awkwardness between Emily and Brad was excruciating. I really thought she was going to chicken out and not tell Brad her story. But, in the end she did, and Brad reacted wonderfully. He even told her that everything she told him made him like her even more. I know there was a collected "Awe" at that very moment from every woman watching the show. 

Brad and Emily are so cute together. From this point forward, I'm rooting for Emily. 

I'll skip the part where a therapist comes to speak with Brad. I think it's great that he acknowledges the fact that he needs a therapist, but for some reason having a therapist on the show just seems so fake. More power to them though, especially if it helps Brad make good decisions. 

The Cocktail Party

I was happy to see that Brad apologized to Chantal for not opening up when she told him her story. 

Michelle acts crazy once again. She's very stalkerish....

Wow, Vampire girl really surprised me tonight. You never know how these women are going to respond emotionally to this experience. Vampire girl lets go of the tough girl persona and shows who she really is. I have a lot of respect for her and the way she acted.

The Rose Ceremony

Vampire girl (AKA Madison) decides to leave. I commend her for her honesty to Brad. 

Oh, look! Chris Harrison gets his one minute of air time to tell the ladies the obvious...this is the last rose of the evening, just in case you ladies can't count.

Brad sends Kimberly (wow, she has an attitude problem) and Sarah P. home. 

I always wondered why these women blubbered like babies over a guy they've only known for a short time. I think Sarah helped me to understand. She said, "rejection sucks." That sums it up in a nutshell. I think the rejection these girls feel hurts more than not getting the guy. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I think.

Can't wait till next week after seeing the previews...Michelle with a black eye...interesting.

Project 52 Weekly Update

 To read my project 52 list go here

I felt very unmotivated this past week. I didn't blog as often as I wanted and I didn't read as many blogs as I usually do. Blogging and I are in a relationship low right now. We need some romance. We need some excitement. We need some passion. I need some passion. I just feel blah. 

Ok, enough whining. 
Even though I felt unmotivated this past week, I did manage to accomplish some items on my list. So, here they are:

1) I have manged to put my makeup on at home every morning. Sometimes I look like a clown and sometimes I look halfway decent. It all depends on how much time I have. The main point is that I'm not going to run over anyone or poke my eye out trying to put mascara on while I'm driving.

2) I've already put money in my savings account and money in my Christmas Club account for the whole month of January! My plan is to put $10 a week in savings and $5 a week in my Christmas Club. I'm very excited about this!

3) I really shouldn't consider this hiking since I didn't walk very far, but I did do some walking in the woods this past weekend. AND, I started a scrapbook which is also on my list. A couple times a year, a group goes to a place called Camp Hillmont just to spend the weekend scapbooking. I've never scrapbooked until this year, but I'm quickly becoming addicted. I didn't get to spend the whole weekend at Camp Hillmont, but the short time away was awesome. This camp has become one of my most favorite places to go. I've decided that when I get married (if that ever happens) I'm getting married here.         

One of my scrapbooking pages. I have a lot to learn in the scrapbooking world, but I'm having fun!

Even though I'm feeling unmotivated, I really did accomplish quite a bit this past week. Now, I really need to focus on those other goals like organizing my home, organizing my office, taking the garbage at least twice week... AND igniting the passion between myself and my blog ;)

Have a great week!

Thrifty Thursday: The Envelope System


One of my goals for 2011 is to start using the envelope system for my money. If you've read any books or listened to Dave Ramsey, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It turns out that swiping my debit card (even though it's a DEBIT CARD) is just too easy. 

Here are a some tips for using the envelope system:

1) You have to budget each paycheck. Budget every single penny.

2) Divide and Conquer. Not all categories will require an envelope. For example, I'm not using the envelope system for my water bill. I don't plan on overspending in that area...unless I get a pool (which is a great idea by the way).

3) Fill 'er up. After you've budgeted every penny, it's time to fill those envelopes. Make sure to put the total budget amount and the category name on each envelope.

4) When it's gone, it's gone. Once you've spent all the money in an envelope, stop spending in that category. I know it stinks, but that's reality.

5) Don't be tempted. When you spend cash, there's something that happens when you see no more money in the envelope. You stop spending. When you use a credit or debit card, you're more likely to spend more. So, even though those $50 shoes that Suzy just bought would look ten times better on you, just walk away if there's no money in the shoe spending category . Let Suzy have her shoe glory. One day when you're debt free, you can buy all the shoes you're little heart desires.

6) Give it time. Yes, this means you have to be patient. It will take time for everything to work smoothly. Don't give up!

I wish I could say I came up with this awesome list myself, but I didn't. Check out Dave's envelope system list here (and check out his website while you're at it).

Week 2 Random Thoughts from a "Bachelor" Junkie


 Wow, what a night full of drama! Drama is one of the reasons I watch this show. Watching other women claw at each other reminds me of how drama-free my life really is.

Without any further ado, here are my random thoughts:

First one-on-one date with Ashley the dentist to the circus.

I was just waiting for that dress to fly up in her face. Surprisingly, I don't think it ever moved.

Ashley makes the comment that this was the best date she's ever been on...well, duh! Every Bachelor date is something out of a fairy tale...too bad you have to go back to real world dating after the show is over.

All in all, I really like Ashley. And, Brad does too.

Brad is such a cutie. I think I'm crushing on him a little bit. He's so hunky.

Of course, Brad gives Ashley a rose.

First Group Date with 15 women = DRAMA

Oh. My. Goodness. Michelle. is. Annoying.

By the way, in case you missed the 50 trillion times she mentioned it, the day of the group date was her 30th birthday and it's just not fair that she had to share it with 14 other women.

The group date was spent doing some public service announcements for the American Red Cross. I was a little worried if these announcements were really going to air on t.v. because I wanted to make sure to shield my child's eyes. Wow.

Poor Keltie, she never had a chance

Michelle, seriously, SHUT UP

Wow, goody-two-shoes Britt, just Wow

The public service announcement they ended up showing was actually pretty funny. I wish I could find a video of it, but alas, there's not a copy to be found. That's pretty funny since these public service announcements are supposed to be airing in January. It is January, right?

After filming, Brad and the girls go to an after party on some roof. This is when we first see the serious drama between Melissa and Raichel. They really could get somewhere in their arguing if they didn't use the word "like" so often...

Annoying Michelle gets the rose....sheesh

Next one-on-one date with Jackie

To continue with the fairytale dating theme, Jackie gets the whole "Pretty Woman" experience including a facial, a room full of beautiful dresses, and a personal stylist. Jackie tells Brad that he's spoiling her.

It's not just him, honey, it's the show. Pimp Daddy Chris Harrison deserves some credit too.

Jackie and Brad go to some well-known music venue where they have dinner and then get a private concert from the band, Train (a great band). 

I'm not sure about Jackie. I don't know if she's just very cautious. If that's the case, why in the world would she come on a t.v. show with 30 other women fighting for the same guy? Jackie receives a rose from Brad, so all is well at the moment.

Cocktail Party

Michelle is nutso. She pulls Brad away from the girls to ask if he prefers Starbucks or The Coffee Bean. She also asks him what he always has stocked in his fridge. 

I think it's absolutely adorable how Brad gets tongue tied around Emily. I think she's just adorable. There's definitely a connection between them.

The night wouldn't be complete without some more drama. Thank you Raichel and Melissa for entertaining us. You were entertaining in an annoying kind of way. 

Ali and Roberto show up! I just love Ali and her laugh. She and Roberto are such a cute couple. I wish we could have heard their opinions on each lady.

Emily gets a rose!! Yes!!

At the rose ceremony, Brad sends Keltie (poor girl), Melissa, and Raichel home. Good for him. I was kind of worried he was going to send Britt home. After the American Red Cross scene, I was pretty sure he would keep her around for a while!

I really like Emily and Ashley the dentist. It is so hard not to go to Reality Steve's website to see who the final two are. I've got to be strong...

That's all I have for tonight. Stay tuned next week to hear the random thoughts from a "Bachelor" junkie.

Project 52 Weekly Update

Read my Project 25 list here.

Boy, did I go to the the form of a root canal. This is my own fault of course because I don't go to the dentist when I should. I had a filling fall out forever ago and never went to the dentist to get it fixed. That decision was pretty stupid since a couple of weeks ago a portion of the tooth broke off. I had never had a root canal before and though it wasn't horrible, I really don't want to have another one. I could go ahead and cross the dentist off my Project 52 list, but I still need a cleaning. I will talk myself out of going back to the dentist if I cross it off my list now.

I'm getting my hair cut this week (if it don't come a blizzard) and I'm thinking of going drastic...maybe. Hair grows back and there's always hair scrunchies and ball caps if drastic doesn't look good.

I'm thinking of doing the Bozo look? Is this drastic enough? What do you think? ;)

 Number 33 on my list is to spend more time with Brenn. I wish I didn't have such a hard time in this area, especially since we live in the same house. This week a question came up while I was studying my Sunday School lesson. "Why do we ask our kids to look at us when we're trying to tell them something?" Of course, the answer to that question is that we're trying to get their full attention.

As a woman and as a mother, I'm multitasking almost every second of the day. I cannot think of a time when I give my full attention to anything or anybody. So, my goal for this year is not only to spend more time with Brenn, but to give him my full attention. Last night, I had dishes to do and laundry to fold, but when Brenn asked if we could play a board game, I dropped what I was doing and gave him my full attention. I did not tell him to wait until I was done (which is normally how I answer him). We played a game of Scrabble and three games of Uno. I won every game but most importantly I spent time with my son. :)

Here's hoping your week is a good one!

Week One Random Thoughts from a "Bachelor" Junkie

I am a reality t.v. junkie

I watch the housewives

I watch the dancing competitions

I watch The Bachelorette 

I watch The Bachelor

Yes, I know the phrase 'reality t.v.' is an oxymoron

Yes, I know that I'm wasting time watching these shows

Still, at the end of the day, I am a junkie

As some of you know (admit it, you watch) "The Bachelor" started last night. I thought it would be fun (and I just might be the only one) to give my random thoughts on each episode. In the past, I've followed Reality Steve to get the spoilers. I promised my son I wouldn't read the spoilers this time, so my comments will be based on nothing but my thoughts. If you want to read the spoilers, go ahead, but don't tell me what happens :)

So, here are my random thoughts on the first week of "The Bachelor."

Brad climbs a cowboy boots?

Cue Brad with no shirt

Cue Brad thinking intently

Cue Brad with no shirt

Cue Brad in a business suit

Cue Brad coming out of the water with no shirt

Every never changes

The first girl that gets out of the limo (named Chantel) gives Brad a good slap in the face and says it's from every woman in America. Not from me since I don't know what he did in the first place.

Ashley S - cute accent, kind of young, grabs his bottom !?!? Get's the first impression rose...imagine that

Vampire girl...really ?!?!

Keltie - Wow, she's so bubbly. She's so bananas! If you watched the show, you'll know why I said that.

Emily - I really like her

Raichel - Manscaping - Hahaha!

How many times does Michelle have to say she's a woman-not a little girl before she actually believes it?

How many times does Brad have to say he's changed before he actually believes it?

After all the women know who the bachelor is, they are given the opportunity to leave the house...really? Who is gonna leave? 

Brad sends 10 women home...none I was crazy about in the first place

20 women stay

Good first week. 

And, those are the random thoughts from a "Bachelor" Junkie.