My First Blog Award!

I received this award from my good friend Michele more than a month ago. She is one of my bestest friends and a great writer. I'm thinking one day she will be able to quit her job and write for a living ;)

Now, let me proudly show my first blog award:

Yes, I'm pretty darn proud of that

I Have Finally Caught My Break

Just when I think that things are not going exactly the way I had planned, I get a surprise email:

Hello, After our searching for a family of a CLIENT who died in a boat crash five year ago, I found out that he has same last name with you. In view of this, I ask for your permission to help claim the sum of US$13.8M being funds left behind in a deposit account. If you are interested in this proposal, forward to me your name, address, phone, cell\fax and your nationality for confirmation and more details. Thanks Vin West

No time for idle chit chat...I must email this person my information ASAP!

Vin West, you are my hero.

Music/Movie Monday: Five Random Songs on My MP3 Player

I love my cheapo MP3 player. I've had this thing for at least four years and it has been my companion on many trips and hours of exercising (to which I am slowly seeing the results).

I have a wide range of music genres represented in my playlist. Here are five random songs that keep me company as I pound the pavement every morning:

Writing Challenge Update


Well, I'm pretty much halfway through the August writing challenge. Even though I haven't posted on here, my personal journal has been getting a workout since August 1. There are just some of my thoughts and feelings that the world is not ready for - so I keep them to myself. I've been going through a life shift lately. Even though this life shift is necessary, I have been fighting tooth and nail...and my journal has been getting the brunt of my frustrations. So, this afternoon I went back and counted all of the words in my entries so that I could count them towards my writing challenge total. 

Drum roll please...