Wordless Wednesday

And I thought I had bad hair days...

10 Thoughts Tuesday...All By Myself

This idea came from Just the Stuff Ya Know

1) I've been all by myself since Sunday afternoon. Brenn is gone on a mission trip until Friday. I'm not sure I like the fact that when I clean something up it stays that way. It's just....wrong.

2) You know that scene in Bridget Jones when she's singing "All By Myself." That's me this week. I'm singing it...leg kick and all.

3) On Sunday afternoon, Brenn...just out of the blue...said, "Mom, you need to stop living in the 80's." It's been two days, and I'm still not sure where that comment came from. I have taken inventory of my hair, clothing, speech, and the type of music I listen to when he's present. I'm just baffled.

4) I can't wait to watch the new Craft Wars tonight! I'm a wannabe crafter and proud of it.

5) Somewhere deep down I know it's wrong to have a root beer float after working out...

6) Just me and my cat tonight...I'm a cat lady

7) Earlier today, I was watching a rerun of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Vicki said something that just cracked me up. Her comment was something like, "If you are a daughter with parents..." Duh

8) All I watch is Reality TV...I'm sure my brain cells are dwindling to nothing


10) This root beer float is well worth the calories

Bullying & Karen Klein

Have ya'll watched this video? I watched a little of the beginning before fast forwarding to the end. The whole video is disheartening, but the comments at the end of the video are horrible.

This video just broke my heart. No one...I mean NO ONE deserves to be talked to the way this woman was talked to. 

I was never bullied in school, but for numerous reasons I was picked on almost all through school. I have naturally curly hair and back when I was in elementary school and middle school, I was still trying to figure out how to get rid of the friz. I remember kids making mean comments about my hair on numerous occasions. I've also struggled with my weight since elementary school (and still do). Like I said, I never was outright bullied, but I do know how mean kids can be. 

The media sensation of this video and in turn the support Karen Klein is receiving from people all over the world is absolutely wonderful. I read some of the comments people have left on the website indiegogo (the website taking donations). Some of the comments made me cry. Reading the comments made me think about all the people who are bullied and don't get the recognition or support they need. Maybe it's because they are too scared to say anything. Maybe it's because no one believes them. Whatever the reason, I hope that this incident will just be a step forward in stopping kids from bullying. It's just wrong.

On a brighter note, Karen Klein now has $653,000 to go on vacation.

I wonder where she'll go??

Wordless Wednesday

I went to South Carolina a couple of weeks ago to see my beautiful sister graduate from high school. I'm so proud of her! The next day, we went out to eat at Carrabba's. The waitress brought this dessert to my sister as a congratulations for her graduating. The look on my face is hilarious. I'm pretty sure at that moment, I wanted to bury my face in that gooey goodness. The joys of eating healthier...

This cupcake was left on my desk today while I was at lunch. If this was a test, I totally failed...as you can see from the bite taken out of it.

I'm pretty sure it's all a conspiracy...I must persevere

10 Thoughts Tuesday


 I'm not sure if there are even ten thoughts in my head right now, but I'll give it a shot...

1) I'm so happy that I only have to run 2.5 miles tomorrow...I still can't believe that running is even a part of my life.

2) A guy came into my office today and with a bewildered look on his face, asked for Jennifer. I told him that I was Jennifer and he was shocked. He didn't even recognize me. THAT is the motivation that keeps me on my weight loss journey!

3) Brenn will be gone all of next week with his youth group. They are doing a street reach ministry. I'm so excited for him!

4) Oh my gosh, Brenn will be gone all next week...which means he will need clothes for five days ...which means I have to do laundry...dang it

5) I really hope Brenn showers regularly while he's gone. I know it's a gross thought, but I know how he is. He's a boy.

6) Maybe I can get the house somewhat clean next week...or maybe I will come home from work and plop in front of the television and catch up on movies. I'll play it by ear.

7) WHY do I have to put the clothes on my bed that I pull out of the dryer?!?! I really did have a good reason. I can't sleep on my bed until the clothes are folded. I'm seriously getting tired of sleeping on the floor.

8) My thought number seven is a lie. I'm not really sleeping on the floor. But I still detest folding laundry.

9) I'm craving ice cream...in my measuring cup


Music/Movie Monday: Five Movies I Want to See

It seems like forever since I've seen a good movie. The last time we went to the movies, Brenn picked The Three Stooges. I read The Hunger Games like a speed reader just so I could see the movie because I just KNEW he would pick to see that movie for his birthday. But, no...I spent the time with Moe, Curly, and Larry. I'm not bitter at all...(little punk).

Anyway, here are the five movies I'm wanting to see. I bet you can guess at least one of the movies.

I guess that I'll be waiting for the DVD to come out...stupid Moe, Curly, and Larry

Tyler Perry is just awesome. Tyler Perry as Madea is even more awesome.

I would not mind at all if they just keep coming out with Madagascar movies. I seriously love these characters.

I saw previews of this movie tonight on The Bachelorette. It looks really good.

I've heard mixed reviews about this movie, but I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Father's Love Letter

I haven't had a relationship with my dad in years, so Father's Day has always been a testy day for me. I never know what kind of mood I'm going to be in...or what kind of "damage" I'm going to do on this day. Two years ago, I spent all day watching HSN and ended up buying a tablet computer. I blame my father for that purchase.

Just kidding...not really.

I really have been blessed with some good men in my life and I am thankful for that. Both of my grandpa's have passed on, but I have many fond memories of time spent with them. My step dad and I haven't always had a good relationship (I blame a lot of it on teenage rebellion) but he's done his best and I'm thankful for that.

Most of all, I'm thankful for the love that God has given to me. My earthly father has let me down in many ways, but my heavenly Father will never let me down. He never leaves me, He never changes, and He wants what's best for me. 

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. To all my friends who also might struggle with this day, know that there is a Father who will never leave you. 

A Post From the Past

I was looking around my blog the other day and came across this post that I had saved in my drafts. This post reminded me of the reasons I enjoy journaling. Looking back at where I was and how far I've come is a great feeling. I'm not exactly sure when I wrote this...I'm guessing sometime in January or February, but I thought it was worth sharing since I know most of us deal at one time or another with depression and anxiety.

 When this post started peculating in my head, my first thought was, "what a depressing first post for 2012." But, given that I'm slacking in my blog posting, it's my own fault for this being my first post of the new year.

I don't really share personal struggles and thoughts on my blog very often. I have  a couple of reasons for this..the first being that so many people I know personally read my blog, and well, I have a hard time sharing my personal struggles with people. The other reason being that I like to keep my blog upbeat and fun. But, sometimes it's necessary to share what I'm going through, because I can't be the only other person dealing with life.

A year ago next month began a downward spiral that lasted for technically 6 months. I have dealt with depression and anxiety before, but what I dealt with last year was nothing like I have ever experienced. It was my own decisions that really brought about this struggle. I like to call it growing pains, because that's exactly was they ended up being. I struggled with God, with myself, with others. Only, I kept a happy face so that others wouldn't know that I was having a hard time.

This depression brought about feelings of anxiety, codependency, and fear. My relationship with my son took the hardest hit. I could see the wedge between us, and a part of me just gave up in thinking that I could fix it. To be honest, I gave up in thinking that I would ever be "normal" again. I felt like I would always be broken, always be of the mindset that nothing would ever work out, and that I didn't deserve to be happy.

The reason this post came about is because those feelings of depression reared their ugly head recently. It's crazy how life can be running along great and then something that someone does (or does not do) will begin that spiral downward... How thoughts and insecurities of my past will start seeping into my mind and I begin to once again think I'm not good enough and everyone I care about will eventually leave anyway.

Melodramatic...I know

But, this time I refuse to allow the past to dictate my future. I was so excited to bring in 2012. A new year full of new growth experiences and opportunities. A year I began by closing the door to the insecurities of my past and opening the door to my future...a future full of hope.

Wordless Wednesday

In June, our little(ish) town gets bombarded by 80,000 music fans. This year, I was able to volunteer at a tent sponsored by local churches. We handed out free food, drinks, and toiletries (after camping for days, they really need toiletries). For the first time in YEARS, I stayed up all night (I'm getting old). I was so excited to see the sunrise!

Eating Ice Cream Out of a Measuring Cup

Why have I been MIA this time?

Well, let me just say that my everyday life has been reduced to things like eating ice cream out of a measuring cup.

Yes, that's right...a measuring cup

For about a year, I've worked at losing weight. I'm officially down 33 lbs. and I'm training for my very first half marathon (that almost makes me certifiably crazy).  This time last year I thought I was going to die trying to run 30 seconds at a time.

So, in order to still have the foods I want, I have to eat them in moderation...like eating my ice cream out of a measuring cup.

I guess I could actually put my half cup of ice cream in a bowl, but that would mean dirtying two dishes and it's just not worth it.