My boy

It often baffles me when I think that I am responsible for raising another human being.

Fourteen years ago last month, my son's dad and I walked into the hospital anticipating the moment when the boy would FINALLY make his debut. That kid decided to be almost two weeks late. He's still as stubborn and hard headed today...


I never expected when I went into the hospital that morning in April that I would be raising a boy on my own just eight months later. 

It hasn't been easy.

I've made lots of mistakes.

The kid has inherited my former teenage mouth and some of my former teenage attitude.

But, I am so blessed to have such a great kid who is growing into a wonderful young man.

He's smart, funny, active, and a natural leader.

He has big dreams and I know just from being his mom these past fourteen years that he's capable of fulfilling every goal he puts his mind to.

His birthdays are becoming bittersweet for me. As each year approaches, I know the days of him depending on me are getting shorter. But, I also know God has a wonderful plan laid out for his life.

He absolutely made my mother's day by giving me the biggest doesn't happen often anymore.

I'm looking forward to what the next years will bring.

I love camping...and I'm bossy

Long time, no write.

I'm happy to say that the spambots have been keeping my blog stats in impeccable shape. Thanks guys!

I have a couple of posts to catch up on including the details of my fourth half marathon.

First, let's talk Easter weekend.

Wait, Easter was a month ago?? Jeez, time flies.

My kiddo was with his dad Easter weekend and my boyfriend and I were invited by friends to go camping, so that's what we did. The boyfriend and I have only been dating for four months. Poor guy learned a lot about me while we were camping...mostly that I am one bossy chick.

I can't help it. If he would just do things my way then life would be much easier.

We had a great weekend though. I love camping. Always have. Most of my camping has been done in the back country with no amenities like a shower or working toilet. It's nice to have those things. I always called camping in a camper or anywhere around electricity "fake camping." But, I believe I'm becoming a convert. Give me running water and somewhere to charge my phone and I'm one happy camper...see what I did there. Haha! one happy camper...

Moving on...

The weekend consisted of following the GPS to a road where I am positive the movie, Deliverance was filmed (We are both positive we heard banjo music). We also fished, biked, played cornhole, and ate.

By the way, that's all I've been doing lately...eating. I'll save that for a whole 'nother post.

And, the boyfriend proved this weekend that he's a modern day hero. While fishing, I dropped my watch in the lake. He fished the watch out and to my amazement it's still working to this day.

To those who are Walmart's a Walmart watch.

I love spending time away from the business of life and this trip was great. We're hoping to get more camping trips in soon!