For the love of turkey...let's just slow things down a little!

Right after Halloween was over, I started searching for Thanksgiving items for wreaths that I was making. 

I searched and searched and searched. Even the guy I'm dating searched stores for me...Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Old time Pottery...

There was very little Thanksgiving stuff to be had in any of these stores. And, do you know what one of the Hobby Lobby workers said?!

"Almost all our Thanksgiving stuff has already been picked over." 


They had already shoved what was left in a small area of the store. However, Christmas decorations had thrown up all over the place.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. I LOVE decorating for Christmas. But, for the love of all things turkey, let's not forget we still have a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas.

People are already putting up their Christmas trees for crying out loud. 

And, you know what's going to happen on December 25??? People are going to be tired of seeing all this Christmas stuff and they're going to pack it up until next year. 

What ever happened to putting the Christmas stuff up on Thanksgiving and enjoying it until New Year's? 

What has happened to Thanksgiving??

Who do YOU run for?

After running my second half marathon in September of last year, I came across a wonderful organization that pairs runners with children or adults with special needs. Finding this organization came at a wonderful time. I had been searching for some kind of organization or group to be a part of, just so I could have even more inspiration to run.

 I enjoy getting the medals, t-shirts, and having that sense of accomplishment. 

But, I wanted more. I wanted a bigger purpose.

Through a friend on Facebook, I came across an organization called I Run 4 (IR4).


I immediately signed up to be paired with a buddy. I then had to wait...and wait...and wait. The waiting list was long, so the wait was about three months.

Finally, RIGHT before running my third half marathon in Florida, I was paired with my running buddy.

Her name is Yusra and she is absolutely adorable. Yusra lives in Australia and has down syndrome. She is a very smart girl and I am blessed to be a small part of her life.

I've been able to run two half marathons for Yusra so far. I really became burnt out with running after my last half and my running has scaled back a lot (that's what happens when you cram four half marathons in a year). But, I still get out there and I'm planning to do some races next year. 

There's been so many days when I don't want to go run. She is now the reason I get out there.

It's so easy to sign up as a runner or to sign someone up to be paired with a runner. Just go here and follow the instructions.

I run for Yusra. Who do YOU run for?

A little about me

I find it funny that I've had this blog for several years, but the most difficult section to finish is the "About me" section. 

I have procrastinated forever in finishing this section. It intimidates me for some reason.

I mean, where do I even start? How much do I share?

Well, I'm just going to let my fingers type and we'll see where we end up. 

Here's the obvious first fact about me...I'm a single mom. I have a 14 (going on 30) year old son who is strong -willed, a natural leader, and keeps me entertained all at the same time. 

I was young when I found out I was going to be a mom. Young as in 19 years old. His dad and I hadn't dated for a very long time. Yes, I know how to prevent procreation, but it happens. And it did. His dad and I stayed together until Brenn was about eight months old. I was young and immature. He was about ten years older than me, but at the same time just as immature. We fought a lot. We didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things. I wanted to get married and he didn't. So, through a series of events, one day he disappeared out of my son's life for years. 

I was a mess when he left. The thought of raising another human being by myself terrified me. But, as days went on and with the support of my mom and then pastor I realized that everything was going to be alright. 

Fast forward 14 years and things are still alright. Brenn is a good kid. I am blessed beyond measure.

Here's a little more random facts about me:

* A few years ago, I had my "aha" moment and decided it was time to stop being miserable with my body. I started working out and eating better and began losing weight. I've recorded much of my journey on this blog.

* I found a love for running half marathons. I NEVER thought I would become a runner. I've never been athletic. I've never been able to run without thinking I was going to pass out. Slowly but surely I found that running is a type of therapy for me.

* I've dated...oh my goodness have I dated. I think I have gone out with every single type of guy there could possibly be. Even though I would eventually like to find "the one," I'm not in a hurry. I kind of have high expectations and I've been single for this long...I won't be settling.

* I couldn't have gone on any paths of this journey without my relationship with Jesus. Period.

* I've recently discovered my crafty side. I make wreaths and sell them. Check out my Etsy page.

* Some of the blogs I follow daily are Mix and Match Family (I want to be just like her when I grow up!), Skinny Meg, and Mama Laughlin.

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