Family time in South Carolina

Where is the summer going so fast??

I'm not a big fan of heat but I am a big fan of not having to get my kid up and rush to school everyday... although with him being in football he's still having to get up early. #thestruggleisreal

We didn't plan any big family vacations this year, mostly to save funds and because we had too many obligations during the time Brenn was off from football. We were able to get away for a few days and visit family in South Carolina.

Loaded up with our luggage and our sweet doggy, we headed out mid afternoon on July 2. Traffic was HORRIBLE...A five and a half hour trip took us close to eight hours. It was crazy. But, my dog really enjoyed the trip. I'm not even sure if she's ever been on a trip before. She has now though!

Most of our time was spent hanging out at the house. My mom has two dogs, so it was fun to see them interact with Skittles. We found out that she is a little bossy and an instigator. That just means she fits right into our family. :)

By the last day she and one of the dogs, Roscoe became buddies.

We were going to head to Augusta for 4th of July fireworks, but we decided at the last minute to head into Charleston, which is about two and a half hours from where my mom lives.

My sister and me in the mom trying to hide in the back

Charleston is by far one of the FAVORITE cities. I have been there numerous times and it never gets old. We ate at an little place called New York City Pizza. The food was awesome. The only negative thing I had to say was they didn't have enough staff working, especially for a holiday. Our waitress worked her tail off and did a great job. I'm pretty sure she was probably exhausted by end of her shift.

We knew that the fireworks were supposed to be done from Patriots Point, so we decided to watch from Waterfront Park. It did end up raining some and come to find out we were a little too far away from the fireworks, but it was nice and I never complain about getting to spend time in Charleston.

The rest of the trip went by pretty fast. Even though I love being home and in my own bed, it's always hard to leave my family. 

Weight Loss Update

Being healthy is going to be something I'll struggle with the rest of my life. It doesn't come naturally to me. It's not the way I grew up. That's just the way it is and I understand that.

Since the beginning of last year, my weight loss journey stayed in neutral for a little while and then went into reverse. I allowed other priorities to take over and once again pushed my health aside.

After almost a year and a half of bad choices and a gain of twenty-ish pounds, I am now ready to start again.

It's funny because even though food choices have always been a struggle for me, exercise had become my therapy. I LOVED to exercise. I would plan my schedule around exercise. But, exercise was becoming my idol. There were other areas of my life that I neglected. I know there's always going to be certain areas that are neglected, but in my case it was really an unhealthy situation. My obsession was affecting me as a parent and it was standing in the way of other goals.

The problem is, exercise was not my problem. Being healthy is a combination of exercise and healthy eating. I've heard the saying so many times, "you can't out train a bad diet." That is so true. So, me being me and having the personality that I have, I just kind of quit. I would exercise periodically. I would eat healthy every now and then. And sure enough, the weight began to creep back on.

So, I'm back at it again. I'm working on finding the balance between what needs to be done as a mother, part-time business owner, and full-time employee. I started back about two weeks ago and I've lost almost three pounds. It's a start. That's why it's called a journey. There will be good times and bad, there will be times when I lose my way. And, there will be times for celebration. This journey has definitely helped me to grow as a person and I know will continue to do help me grow far beyond the time I reach my destination.

May, 2015

Total loss since beginning my weight loss journey: 13 lbs.